I love software development. For some reason it hits that sweet spot for me where work becomes fun. It's challenging and satisfying to see "something come from nothing". I love architecting software, finding the right solution to a problem, learning new things and tackling challenging prolems.

I generally work as a mobile enginner for iOS, Android and the web. I've worked on projects both small and large and generally specialize in producing high-quality, well thought out code bases and apps. For a while I worked as a contracter using the Elance (now Upwork) until they hired me to work on their platform. I worked for Upwork for about a year as a senior iOS developer and another year as the Project Architect and Team Lead for the iOS team (a team of 6 developers). Currently, I'm working for Excelion Partner as a Mobile Engineer.

On the personal side of things, I Swing Dance when I can, of the Lindy style mostly but also Charleston, Balboa, Blues and often a fusion of them. I've been dancing for over 10 years now and highly recommend it to anyone.

I enjoy reading and tend to alternate between heavy textbooks on some subject I'm interested in at the moment and straight fantasy/sci-fi for my light reading. My favorite series of all time is the Malazan Book of The Fallen by Steven Erickson who, coincidentally, is also my favorite author, right behind Brandon Sanderson.

If you can't tell, I tend toward the philosophical. I studied philosophy a lot in my twenties and while I rarely study straight philosophy anymore (I've more or less settled on my world view) I'm always looking for unique ideas and different ways of perceiving the world.

I'm afraid that I'm also a coffee geek, right in line with the programmer stereotype. So I roast my own coffee, and I use a Aeropress... which pretty much says it all.

The idea for the functional gibberish blog actually came from my wife, who would often come home and comment that I'd spent all day typing indescipherable gibberish into a computer screen. Funny that, cause I think she's right.

Aaron Hayman
Brunswick, GA